Remarkable Roasts

Remarkable Roast

We roast small batches daily and we never over roast our beans. Stop by or call to see what we have roasted today. We will also roast upon request.

We are currently carrying these single origins and blends:

Holiday Blend: (Sold out. See you next year!) Our signature Holiday Blend is back! This blend was created to warm us up during the dark, long, snowy days of winter. Okay, so maybe we don't have those things in Tucson but you can still enjoy this excellent coffee. It's roasted to full city and has nutty undertones, hints of spice, and of course a smooth and enjoyable finish.

TCR House Blend: This blend was created for its drink-ability any time of day. It's a mild and smooth roast with a clean finish.

48 State: The 48 State is our darkest roast and was created for the bold coffee lover. Its got the dark roasted taste you love but still holds a sweet vanilla note.

Kenya AA: Kenyan AA is the highest grade awarded in the region. A bright cup with lemon and black currant notes and a clean, balanced finish will satisfy any coffee connoisseur.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: A medium body coffee with floral notes in the aroma and taste. We roast it on the lighter side to preserve its complexity. 

Guatemala Organic: Our Fair Trade Organic Guatemala is excellent! Perfectly roasted to bring out the nutty undertones with a touch of brightness that Guatemalans are know for.

El Jefe: Our lightest roast walks softly but carries a big stick! A blend of four beans from all over the world, this coffee has a touch of brightness and full flavor. 

Sumatra Mandheling grade1: Sumatra coffee's are a "must have" in any coffee house. It's a full bodied coffee with an earthy molasses taste. A bold cup for the bold coffee lover.

Brazil Natural Mogiana: Brazil produces the most coffee in the world. Ours is the highest quality and a crowd favorite as well. A medium body coffee, it's an easy to drink brew with nutty undertones.

Colombia Supremo: Colombian coffee is well known throughout the world, and for good reason! Aromas of chocolate fruit with a full bodied, rich taste make our Colombian                                                                    Supremo one to try. 

Mexican Chiapas Organic: Caramel and roasted chestnuts in the aroma compliment this smooth medium roasted coffee.

Nicaragua SHG:  The SHG stand for "Strictly High Grown" which is Nicaragua's designation for their best grade of coffee. This coffee is grown under the shade of bananas, mango, and mahogany. Woodsy and fruity in the aroma, and dark chocolate and dried cherry notes in the cup.  

Monsoon Blend: (out of season. Will be back in July) This seasonal blend is a must have for those that love an earthy dark roast but also like the floral brightness from the African regions. Like the monsoon rains it will bring you to life!

Papua New Guinea: Another top quality coffee from the Indonesian islands! The Papua New Guinea is on the bold side and has low acidity. You'll enjoy a rich cup of coffee with dark chocolate, spice, and ripe berries in the aroma.

Bolivia: Looking for a rich and bold coffee? This bean is nutty with white chocolate notes in the aroma and dark dried fruit in the cup. This is an exceptional coffee that we'll continue to order. 

Swiss Water Decaf: Our Brazil Swiss Water Decaf uses a non-solvent method to remove the caffeine from the bean but leave the taste. Green coffee extract molecules in the water bond to the caffeine molecules in the coffee and pull it out of the bean. It's science baby; and it's delicious.  


All coffees are currently $16.75 per pound. We are always experimenting with new blends and single origin coffees. Stop in for a free taste and experience the best coffee house in Tucson!